How live blogging has transformed Journalism

Notes taken from Matt Wells, The Guardian


  • Live blogging has rapidly become the dominant form for breaking news online.
  • Online answer to 24/7 TV news.
  • Reward: traffic spikes, comments
  • One blogger: live blogs as the “death of journalism”
  • Live blogs give the ability to post significant developments quickly.
  • Link out to other coverage, include comments from Twitter and Facebook- display multimedia and include audience in the comments all in one place.
  • Live blogs can get long and confusing “you are more or less providing readers with raw material rather than telling them a story” Robert Mackey who writes live news blogs for the New York Times.
  • “a type of news reporting that is emerging as being native to the web” Martin Belam, web information architect
  • Benjamin Cohen, technology correspondent for C4 news:

live blogs need “a lot of content” to work.

“Live blogs don’t work for everything, they give an instant reaction but they’re not authenticated like website news stories.”

  • The result is that some feel the format needs to be rethought
  • More consideration given to the types of stories on which it is deployed.
  • The best elements of live blogging is how it is so transparent about sourcers, how it dispenses with false journalist fripperies and embraces the audience
  • The live blog is surely the embodiment of its future.

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