Notes: Huffington Post

Using “The Rise of Online News” taken from Online News Bucks: OUP, Allan, S (2006)

  • ‘Broadcast is no longer the only medium for breaking news.’: twenty four hours a day, constant stream of user-generated content around the world.
  • No limit to what you can publish online- don’t have to rely on a journalist’s interpretive summary: the use of free-lance (and free of charge) bloggers to create a large percentage of user-generated content.

Notes: Huffington Post

Using “Reinterpreting the internet” taken from Misunderstanding the Internet, James Curran (2012)

The renaissance of Journalism:

  • Bystanders have become a great source of news twenty four hours a day: user generated content, 2006: Investment from SoftBank Capital included hiring more staff to update the site twenty four hours a day.
  • Huffington Post is an example of how social media has enabled independent online publications to thrive: Another boosting profit is heavily reliant on unpaid bloggers to generate content for the site.
  • The rise of the internet as an advertising medium has led to budget cuts, increased time pressure on journalists and, sometimes, declining quality in mainstream journalism: the site is known for blurring the lines between journalism and public relations. Its “sponsor generated content”pages are very thinly veiled advertisements dressed up as news articles.