Notes: Daily Mail

Using “The Rise of Online News” taken from Online News Bucks: OUP, Allan, S (2006)

  • ‘Broadcast is no longer the only medium for breaking news.’: Twenty four hours a day, global news, constantly updated articles as the events are happening.
  • No limit to what you can publish online- don’t have to rely on a journalists interpretive summary: Comments and online community can give a wide range of opinions and feelings towards an event. Can sometimes provide more information first hand.
  • ‘The internet is often viewed by its users as an unfiltered, primary source of information and not to be distrusted like the tradition news media. There is also immediate acceptance of information on the internet.’ ( Maggie Cannon, 1997) Lacking in fact checking

Notes: Daily Mail

Using “Reinterpreting the internet” taken from Misunderstanding the Internet, James Curran (2012)

The renaissance of Journalism:

  • News organisations set up satellite news sites.
  • The rise of the internet has not undermined leading news organisations, it has enabled them to extend their hegemony across technologies: Apps, live feeds, easy access to internet (Almost 70% of its traffic comes from outside the UK, mostly from the United States)
  • Internet advertising took 25% of advertising expenditure in 2010 than the newspaper press of 18% (Nielsen 2011).
  • Dominant news organisations gained a commanding position in both the offline and online production and consumption of news.
  • “Create a community of informed, interacting, and tolerant world citizens.” (Vern Ehlers, 1995): allows anyone to express anonymous approval or disapproval of comments made.

Who owns what?

The Daily Mail is owned by DMGT Media; a national newspaper, website publisher and consumer media company in the UK. DMGT Media is parented by The Daily Mail and General Trust.

I am going to focus on The Mail Online, which is the world’s largest newspaper website with more than 54 million monthly unique visitors globally. It is also America’s third biggest online newspaper with US traffic of 20 million monthly unique visitors and almost 2 million daily visits. (Source: Adobe analytics, June 2015)

The Chairman and main shareholder of DMG Media is Jonathan Harmsworth (Viscount Rothermere), a conservative supporter with a net work of 1 Billion pounds.

DMG Media has a majority share, owns and operates some of the UK’s leading online property brands including Zoopla and Prime Location. Each of its brands has a distinct market position to attract a unique audience, meaning increased exposure and enquiries for advertisers.

The Mail online offers a free membership, which allows readers to comment on articles, ‘check your status’ to see how many people have rated your comment and use your profile to see how your comments compare with other readers.

It was reported in 2014 that The Mail Online spent 2 million pounds on web content marketing. Investing in marketing will enable the “potential for a solid financial return” (Ricardo Bilton [] August 2015)

The Mail online chief, Martin Clarke, opposed to using paywalls. The surge of traffic brings the advertising.